Spring in the woods

Now that spring is here (though you couldn’t tell since we just had snow Sunday and Monday) I’m finding lots of plants popping up all over the yard.  Some are just mosses and things that grow naturally in the woods, while others are things the previous owner had planted.  It’s exciting watching all the new things spring out of the ground, especially because this is our first spring in our new home.  

I’m so ready to see the lush green surround this house.  When we looked at it back in mid September, that’s one thing we absolutely loved about it.  The yard is filled with ferns (I LOVE ferns) and plants of all kinds giving it such a whimsical feel! 

Here are just a few photos of the signs of springtime life around here, including a few of the pups.  Even since taking these the plant life has exploded! We have daffodils popping up all over the place (that’s if they survived being buried under the snow ha!) and numerous day lilies, among many other things.  

I’m so excited to see how the area changes with the different seasons. I’m going to document as it progresses, but I couldn’t resist taking a few photos.

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