Best of Engagements 2015

2015 was a fantastic year, personally as well as professionally.  After years of dabbling in everything from fashion, to babies, to families, to weddings, I discovered my true passion lies in photographing couples in love. This was HUGE for me. I had always struggled with what I truly wanted to do and in 2015 it just clicked- like a light bulb switched on!  

In 2015 I was blessed to photograph amazing couples, both engagements and weddings, and was also given the opportunity to second shoot for some pretty kick-butt photographers in the area. The network I have found has been so supportive and I am so thankful for all of them! Creatives uniting in the spirit of community over competition! 

I know there will be challenges and triumphs in 2016 and I am looking forward to greeting them both head on.  So cheer’s to 2016 and all it will bring! 

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