Complimentary Engagement Sessions

Hey there!  Some of you may be wondering what exactly is a “complimentary” engagement session.  I’ve been getting a few questions lately so I thought it would be a good time to blog post! 

2 of my wedding packages include an engagement session (though you can book one separately without the wedding package), and it’s listed as complimentary for a few reasons; 1)  it cannot be exchanged for extra hours of coverage/ cash/ album credit/ etc. 2)  it’s an extra incentive to DO the engagement session.  There is no catch, it’s exactly what it seems.  It is a gift to my clients before the wedding because of how important I believe engagement sessions truly are.  3) it is incredibly valuable to have time with the photographer before the wedding in order to see how I work, to experience how to pose, and to be comfortable in front of the camera.  These are all things that a simple meeting over coffee cannot provide.  Some couples are nervous leading up to their session, but after seeing the results and having time in front of the camera it helps to put them at ease for the wedding day.  Being comfortable with your photographer is key to getting great, more natural looking photos on the wedding day.  I have found that couples who take advantage of the engagement session are SO MUCH more comfortable being photographed on their big day than those who didn’t, and that alone is worth it! 

And the bonus is, you get some great pre-wedding photos in a more natural environment, whether needed or not.  This is another chance to tell your unique love story in a way that is 100% you. Whether you pick your favorite picnic spot or a coffee shop where you had your first date, the engagement photos can capture another aspect of your lives together.   I understand some couples do not book with me until they have already been engaged for a year or so and have already had engagement photos done.  However, even if you don’t need the photos for any particular reason, I still highly recommend doing the session because of the value of the time we spend together before the wedding.  

Because I am so passionate about the importance of engagement session, and I really want my clients to take advantage of using it (unless logistically impossible), I do not offer anything in it’s place (extra hours of coverage, etc).   When you are investing a good amount of money into a photographer you are excited to work with, you want to get the most out of your experience leading up to the wedding as well as on your wedding day, right?  

Engagement sessions are fantastic because they are much, much more relaxed than the wedding day. We have a chance to get to know each other and have fun as we’re taking photos, and establish a connection that will enhance the wedding day.  It’s what establishes the bond between my couples and me enabling us to relax and allowing me to capture the organic emotions of the day.

Next time you see a photographer who lists “complimentary” engagement session as part of their collections, hopefully you’ll understand the reasoning and importance behind the session.  Take advantage of it, you won’t regret it, I guarantee it!

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