Melissa + Jonathan // Downtown Providence Engagement

Melissa and Jonathan are the sweetest couple with a beautiful love story.  After two years in a long distance relationship, with countless phone calls, Skype conversations and flights, these two are finally together in the same country.  Yup, that’s right, I said country!  

Jonathan is from the Dominican Republic and the two met while Melissa was vacationing at the resort where he worked.  They got to talking and eventually they went out dancing one evening (something the couple loves to do together now!) and the rest is history!  What are the odds you’ll find your soul mate while on vacation?!  It just proves that the power of love can conquer an ocean of distance apart.  

For their engagement session, we met at Waterplace Park in downtown Providence.  There was patchy sun peaking through the clouds and the wind whipped through the air making it quite chilly, but it was still a fantastic evening.  We walked along the water and made our way up to the Rhode Island State House.  They even brought their super adorable pup, Obie, along for some photos.  He was the perfect little gentleman during the whole shoot and we became besties (I’d like to think he liked me for me, but I’m pretty sure the treats I kept feeding him didn’t hurt haha).  I’m so glad they’ll be bringing them to their wedding in a few weeks.  I absolutely love when couple’s include their fur babies, after all, they are important members of the family.   

These two were a blast to work with and I loved that they incorporated Skype into their session!  After all, their relationship relied heavily on Skype conversations and phone calls, so it only seemed appropriate.  

Congratulations Melissa and Jonathan, I can’t wait for your intimate wedding! 

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