Glen Manor House // 6.16.15

I visited Glen Manor House in Portsmouth yesterday to get the lay of the land for Natalie and Dan’s wedding at the end of the month.  Wow, what an absolutely stunning location!  As you drive down the lane you see a beautiful manor house over looking the water and you are instantly transported to another time and place.  As I walked around the interior and exterior I couldn’t help but think of our time in France.  So much of the decor and grounds give the feeling you are at a French Chateau.  It’s lovely, and I can’t wait for this wedding! 

Ashley// Portraits// Beavertail State Park

When you get new lenses, the first thing you do is find a willing victim to test them on, right?  The second day of spring, Ashley and I headed for Beavertail State Park in Jamestown.  I wasn’t sure if we would still be shooting that day, seeing as it snowed in the morning, but the weather cleared up and we headed out for our destination.  The snow actually created a beautiful dusting over the rocks on the coastline, so though it was cold, it made for some magical atmosphere!

Thanks for being my model Ashley! 

Winter Styled Bridal Shoot

Back in February, on an extremely cold COLD day (-5 degrees Fahrenheit to be exact) I did a winter bridal shoot with 2 brave souls.  April Eisemann was our beautiful model and her sister, Alex Eisemann, is a talented hair stylist in the area who did the hair for the shoot.  Two gorgeous people, inside and out, and I’m so happy we were able to work together, even if the weather conditions were less than ideal.  Lots of laughing occurred, especially when April got stuck in a pile of snow and Alex had to go rescue her.  Hopefully I’ll have more opportunities to work with these fabulous ladies! 

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