Newport Folk Festival 2016

July 22-24 was Newport Folk Festival this year.  We’ve gone the past 3 years (4 if you count going to an after show in 2013) and I think it’s become a tradition.  I can’t imagine missing it!  This year, on Friday, the Flight of the Conchords performed and I’m so glad I didn’t miss it- they were hilarious!  Unfortunately I’m short, so I wasn’t able to get the best photos due to taller people standing in front of me, but at least I have some because well, it’s Flight of the Conchords!  Here’s just a few from the hazy, hot summer day at the fest.  

Anyone else a folk fest fan?  It’s such a magical festival! 

Jillian + Alex Engaged // Beavertail State Park

Jillian and Alex are adorable together and so much fun!  The week before their session, I had been keeping an eagle eye glued on the weather report for that day and it seemed like every time I checked it there was a new forecast predicted.  They were driving up from the D.C. area so rescheduling wasn’t an option.  The day of their shoot came, I loaded my car with clear umbrellas and headed out hoping for the best.  Well, we had AMAZING weather!  It was cloudy, not too hot and the rain held off until much later in the evening.  I absolutely love Beavertail State Park when it’s overcast.  Something about the moody skies, the lighthouse, and the rocky coast that just make me swoon.  I loved working with them and I cannot wait until their wedding next year at Glen Manor House!

Take a peak at some of my favorites from their session! 

Congratulations Jillian & Alex!!!  Can’t wait until next April!

New Client Welcome Magazines!

My latest project is finally complete, and though I’m sure I’ll make changes again later on because business is always growing, I’m so happy with the final product!  I’m so excited to share my custom designed welcome magazines for all #KateBarnesBrides.  These magazines were a labor of love and not only did I want them to be gorgeous, but I wanted them to be full of truly helpful content couples who book. 

Everything from engagement sessions to bridal beauty tips can be found within the 50 page guide to help you throughout the planning process and big day!  

Here’s a little sneak peak inside the pages. 

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