Sarah & Mike// The Cloisters Castle Wedding// Maryland Wedding Photographer

Sarah and Mike were such a fantastic couple to work with!  I had the privilege of photographing their engagement photos near their Hampden, Baltimore home last fall and was beyond excited to photograph their wedding.  They were married at the stunning Cloisters Castle in Lutherville, Maryland.  Seriously, I could not have thought of a better venue for their wedding, which by the way was Hobbit/ Lord of the Rings inspired.  The Cloisters Castle sits high up on a hill surrounded by acres of woods.  The sky was soft grey and some unexpected snow flurries fell throughout the day.  I’m guessing nature was a bit confused, seeing as it had been spring for a few days.  However, the light snow added such a magical element and you truly felt like you had stepped into a Tolkien book.  

Moss and candles adorned the tables, which were named after various locations around Middle Earth, in the reception rooms.  Sarah’s bouquet had ferns mixed within the flowers giving it a lush, Middle Earth feeling.   To top everything off Sarah had a stunning hand made cloak she wore in place of a veil.  Not only was it unique and lovely, but it kept her warm with the chill that lingered in the air.   It was an unforgettable day! 

Congratulations Sarah and Mike!  It was an honor to photograph your day! 

A little sparkle

I’m realizing more and more how much I adore shooting detail shots of rings/ jewelry at weddings.  Maybe I’m subconsciously attracted to the sparkle!  Armed with my new macro lens, coming up with creative ways to display one of the most iconic symbols from a wedding is such a fun challenge for me!  I’ll admit, I’m addicted to practicing with my own rings at home- figuring out the best angles, light, and items to complement the rings and not compete with them.  Details shots in themselves are an art and I’m looking forward to only improving from here!  

Here are just a few I’ve done recently, because who doesn’t like looking at a little bling every now and then :-) 

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