A little slice of green heaven

Escaping somewhere lush and green during the snowy winter months is never a bad idea, especially if that place is close by!  We ventured to Logee’s Tropical Plants in Danielson, CT this past weekend because 1) we are totally obsessed with plants and we are trying to fill out house with lots of pretty green and 2) it was a gorgeous day for a drive so why not check out some place new!  Our friends have told us they love this place, so it’s been on our go-list to explore.  It’s so magical inside!  Wandering around in the warmth of the greenhouse, I just pretended I was somewhere tropical and ignored the fact that there’s still snow on the ground (though it has been spring-like these past few days!)  

We didn’t end up leaving with much, just an adorable little pitcher plant we named Petey.  Yeah, I totally name my plants, I’m that person.  Well, I should say I name the main ones, not all.  My beloved fiddle leaf fig is named Herbert and our money tree is named Egbert (because I’m totally obsessed with the show Vikings on history channel) and now, obviously we have Petey the pitcher lol.  

If you live nearby, definitely check out Logee’s, if only to escape the winter cold for a bit.  

I snapped some photos with my iPhone as well, so I’ve included a few of those below. I’m pretty impressed with the new iPhone, but nothing will replace my canon <3 

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